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▪ November 2011

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♠ Tuesday, November 1, 2011
Kaname Kuran; Yuuki Kuran; Zero Kiryuu
1 November 2011 A day after Halloween
After PSLE, I decided to be good. sO, ai deleted all previous posts which have tons of vulgars. Had a nice chat with a particular someone today, SO HAPPY!!. Gonna end of the year soon. I hope I get closer to that particular someone before school ends:( Why must school even end
Oh back to today,
Fark, today nothing much just that I was jealous about someone...OH YA, don't know why my "friends" said that my ahir standing up and I look like a retard. Zz
what my problem?zz
First post - Don't expect it to be so long... I gotta cook.. OMG 5.45pm GTG

I will be back for your blood

Thirst for blood
2:44 AM